Anytime Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas to ask for yourself, or consider giving to others any time of the year…

#Taking Care of yourself

AAA membership, even if the person only drives around town. It’s piece of mind to know they can call someone. Ask about annual limits of free towing per membership level just to make sure you get what is needed. I think miles towed free also varies per level of membership.

Vouchers for transportation options the person trusts.

Hire fix-it crew or handy-person to work on your to-do/ta-da lists. This is an excellent gift in many ways.

Search for adaptive equipment/tools for hobbies or chores, any activity that may be getting more frustrating or concerning for you. Or a loved one. Computer search results for adaptive hobby and chore tools have vastly improved.

Buy a few long-handled reachers to use in various places. Vertical open/close tend to work best for the kitchen, and for lower body dressing. I’d buy one with a magnet on the end, 2 sizes of divots/cut-outs on lower jaw piece (one holds pens, utensils, etc.). Often the horizontal closure reachers with circles (almost look like suction cups) work well in yards, garages, or in a storage room.

Fewer trips up a step ladder for people, especially anyone with balance, blood pressure, vision, strength issues, etc. A complete rearrange for how you want your kitchen cupboards/shelves, supply closets, or bedroom closets set up could be nice – as long as you’re involved in the process. This can be wonderful for people with shoulder, wrist, etc pain & limitations.

Ask for yourtools to be sharpened. Shovels, hand tools, all yard-work & gardening tools. Kitchen and sewing tools. If you have decreased sensation due to diabetic neuropathy, stroke, nerve damage, etc please buy cut proof gloves.

Jar openers, there are many to choose from. Tip: for anyone who has painful hands, the silicone or rubber gripping circles/pads don’t seem to help. For anyone with lower/altered vision you may need to try a few to figure out which may be intuitive/useful. The one below works well for many people.

Kuhn Rikon 5-in-1 Jar Opener, Opens Jar Lids, Beer Bottles, Soda Cans, 5Pull Tabs, Plastic Bottle Caps and Small Bottles

Shoes, vision, medications review, blood pressure are all related to falls prevention. Many communities now host Stepping On courses and other falls prevention learning.

Different memberships that people on limited budgets may need to reconsider, but that benefit them greatly. Gym or book clubs, other. Pharmaceuticals, could help contribute to that or gift card.

A bidet can be life changing for people with limited motion, skin concerns, and more.

Simple things like telescoping skin check mirrors with lights for people with neuropathy of their feet and lower legs. People with partial paralysis use these as well. The sooner things are noticed, the better.

Shower chair, transfer bench, grab bars that are well installed in the studs of the wall, hand-held shower. Long-handled lotion applicator, long-handled sponges are also well received gifts.

Adaptive writing tools can make a world of difference. The writing bird is one that many people with arthritis, or other writing challenges like. What is needed depends on the issues making writing more frustrating or harder.

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