Restructuring, revisiting, revising, refusing, then Onward!

How can a writing corporation of someone who isn’t yet published, restructure? Time spent: Sitting on the curb, scanning areas of growth, interest, strengths and weaknesses. Perusing opportunities offered and possible. Identifying potential.

Explorations these past few years have been bountiful! I have much gratitude for new friendships and supports, opportunities, travel; and stretching and exercising of my mind, heart, and spirit. Joy and passion continue. I’ve declined what isn’t a passionate match for roles and projects moving forward. Revised my mission statement. Revisited and recycled drafts into potentially new projects. New paths and partners connected and added to previous supports. And set a priority to build skills I’ve craved, and read many more craft and mentor books.

I rearranged my bookshelves according to current projects and fewer priorities. Synthesizing and reorganizing files, learning Scrivener. And moving my writing space back to how I had it, when it was more comfortable to create in. There’s plenty to restructure, revisit, and revise.

A little less intensity and drive, much more doing what needs to be done after caring for and time for myself and loved ones. Oh yeah, and the bill-paying job I’m still passionate about, Occupational Therapy.

Onward! Or Forward! I oscillate between the two. Sometimes moving forward first involves a pause, or isn’t precisely forward when motion is applied.

Oh, and we’ll locate the January blog that seems to have wandered off, as it’s writer sometimes does.

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