What a Satisfying Day

Warm weather made the morning walk delectable. Then steady rainfall for hours resulted in delightfully dig-gable soil and gardening. “Parsnip Predator” tool excelled today, helping with stubborn dogwoods that planted themselves in unwanted locations. I love how the roots came up without struggle for the most part. Our pruner cut the 2 most tenacious roots. Thirty young bushes bit the dust today.

Digging on the larger dogwood near the septic tank was not completed. I decided to work smarter not harder since the next 2 days of more rain will help tremendously. I’m not enamored of this garden this year. Raking didn’t go well at all, nothing moved and cleaned-out last week.

The combined super powers of the Parsnip Predator and myself made quick work of weeds around most of the bushes. The magnolia we moved a couple years ago is thriving, yay!

Evening held new family adventures. One bike + one human, one ever-ready pup plus second human holding leash, mild temps and sunshine…ahhh. Rex’s love of running knows new bounds thanks to a safe area where he followed Aaron around and round on the bike. Finally, Rex’s speed is matched by us!

Birthday wishes to a friend of many decades. A fantastic hour spent with another friend supporting, listening. Excited for each others goals and helping problem solve bumps and potential obstacles along the way.

Some time spent on my occupational job as well, learning and updating. A surprising draft of a picture book with a few sketches blossomed when I sat down to work on a scene and character building for my mid-grade novel outline.

Many wonderful moments with Aaron throughout the afternoon and evening. Many wonderful moments with myself. Especially stretching and easing after all that digging and oh, 13,000 steps today without striving.

A very satisfying, compassion-filled day (don’t ask the weeds and bushes their opinion).

Four days later update: The back garden’s stubborn red dogwood put up a good fight, but lost. The amazing network of vines who dominated that garden lost their home also. The soil and plants are breathing freely, while many young saplings and bushes were roughly evicted.

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