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Shane Burcaw

“My disease has had an enormous impact on my life, but I try not to let it define me.” Shane Burcaw uses humor and realism throughout his fascinating Sibert Honor book.

Ingrid Kallick


Lora Hyler

2019 Eric Hoffer Book International Award for her debut middle grade novel. Spies, CRISPR-Cas9, history, secrets, and travel artistically rolled into one book. If you’re at the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C., you can buy a copy of this book. That’s beyond cool!

Karla Manternach

I was transported into Meena's story and couldn't put it down. My heart was with Meena, her enthusiasm & creativity, and especially during her journey of discovering epilepsy. Bonus: Meena & I both love rainbows! If you write, this is an excellent mentor text for many skills, especially sensory details. Karla Manternach writes vivid descriptions, readers feel we are there with Meena and the other relatable characters. We feel the journey from many perspectives.

Cora Hays

Kid's Book Painter. Cora's work leads us to surprising places. From stunning, realistic butterflies, whimsical frogs to bibliophile dragons. She uses many mediums, for her work. Lucky us, she's taking commissions during the month of May!

M. Celano, M. Collins, and A. Hazzard

Something Happened in Our Town is beautifully done. The writing is straight forward, deals with real talk, questions, compassion, and different points of view even within each household. Topics are covered from two very different families and understandings. Again, Jennifer Zivoin excels with her artwork. Subtle backgrounds that hold so much. I absolutely recommend this book for kids and anyone who wants to learn more. The Note to parents and caregivers is several pages long and includes more topics and ways to start conversations, explore many topics kids may ask and feel.

Jennifer Zivoin

Compassion, understanding of what kids go through and great perspective make All My Stripes great. The gorgeous and unique artwork by Jennifer Zivoin make All My Stripes excel! This book has heart, and addresses an important issue in a way kids can relate.

Bob Allen

Witty, warm family times spent exploring the outdoors. Joy - his books are on sale in January! Winner of Mom's Choice Award Honoring Excellence.

Rebecca Hirsch

I had a difficult time choosing which magical illustration to show here. I also loved the pandas playing in the trees, the talent show, the pilot on the purple dragon, playing cards in the attic, ...ahhhh!