Rexalicious Ruffaford

Best Day Ever!

Our day started with a long walk. Right away! I didn’t have to wait for Charlene to sit looking at that screen thing and moving her fingers foreeeevveerrr. Nope, not this morning. We had a long walk, even saw Oscar! The guy had him so we got to sniff and really say hi today.

Down a ways, there were huge sticks in the road. Bigger than me. I couldn’t get my mouth on them, didn’t even try because they didn’t smell right. There was a noisy car thing was rolling all over and carrying a huge stick so we moved on. I’m smart that way, take care of my family.

Then those big animals walked down our street again this morning. Maybe they’re cows, or elephants. One of those big things anyway. They walked near our place, I barked. Charlene and Aaron both looked out the windows and made that smiling sound. But when I looked in my dish, there wasn’t a treat. So I looked out the window too.

The big animals’ ears twitched all the time, like they can hear everything. I can, maybe they can too. I bet they didn’t hear that rabbit under the tree though, they’re too tall. And the people on their backs, making too much noise maybe. Oh, cows. I forgot the fuzzy cows live down around the corner and have big horns. These weren’t cows. Ok, so elephants walked down our street this morning.

The elephants’ scat smelled sweet, like apples and dried grass and stuff. I ate one last year during a walk. They taste as sweet as they smell, but there was too much to eat before I got groaned at. Not my fault there was a bunch right where we were walking!

The best part of the day is next. Charlene got a flappy plastic rug out of the small building. That flappy rug isn’t very comfortable to lay on and it tasted terrible. It sounds like the plastic bottles I crunch. Wish I had one of those now. . . anyway, I led the way. Charlene got a little distracted and went the wrong way but I caught up and ran ahead to secure the area.

Then we wrestled sticks! Big ones, little ones, and snappy ones. I fought sticks that wouldn’t come out of the cold, white slippery ground. I chewed them anyway. I carried a few bigger than me, uh-huh.

I don’t know why Charlene put sticks on the flappy rug. I know dog bylaws say sticks are mine. So I wrestled her for some of them. It was a great game. Later when Charlene had a whole bunch in her hand, I snuck behind and got them! I protected her and chewed them into little bits! Then went and hunted again. I saved her and Aaron from them. I’ve never wrestled so many sticks before. Hope we do it again! Even though we dragged all the sticks on that flappy rug to the huge pile of sticks. I don’t get it, but we’re safe from those sticks now.

Today was great too because that wild dog didn’t come back. Not the red, long-tailed dog Charlene likes to see. This one smelled mean and hungry. Right in our yard. Don’t know what he was thinking, but I got treats for that barking. I know I heard wrong because no way did Charlene ask if it was carrying Salsa. Salsa is the small dog a few houses down. Ugtthkk. Makes me shudder. I patrolled and kept the mean, hungry wild dog away. He didn’t even stay in the woods long. Nope. He knew, I told him.

So today was a great day! Aaron was sick inside but I could smell he was happy, when we came in. And he made that funny sound like smiling out-loud as he said “Rex” and “helped.”

Disclaimer: no pups, horses, horse apples, Highland Cattle, tarps, red fox, or coyotes were hurt during the writing of this blog. Our sticks, and the neighbors Ash trees – well, you can’t win them all.


Rexalicious Ruffaford here. Grrrrr . . . ruff ruff! Pardon me, that squirrel really has some nerve sneaking into our yard when I’m busy. Onward!

I’m also known as Rex, Sir Rexcellent, and for some unfathomable reason, Sir Barks-a-lot. GrrrrrRRRRuff. Barkety bark bark ruff! Rabbits, think they own the place. Huh. Where was I? Oh yeah, introducing myself. Exploring the world has been eye opening since coming to live in the country with Charlene and Aaron last spring.

There aren’t many sirens to sing along with compared to the city I used to live in. But I LOVE to run and we visit dog parks a lot. I run and run and run! Sometimes I even lose sight of my person. Did I mention I love running? And smells! Soooooo many critter smells.

I’m learning how much my nose can do and detect. Scents can be old or new, layered or solitary. Everything has a scent, even people’s emotions and moods. We’ve been playing this game called “find it.” Now I can find lots of treats hidden in room after room. I get so excited Charlene usually makes me go back and search rooms more than once. I still think she puts them there when I’m not looking ’cause no way did I miss any treats.

Okay, so maybe I do miss things. The first time I tried to solve a puzzle it took me all afternoon, hours. There were treats, right beneath my nose but I couldn’t get the covers open. My people did the first one but then I had to do something. I was frustrated, but we worked together and I got the rest! I wasn’t sherblunked, Charlene’s word for ‘feeling beyond frustrated but not feeling hopeless’. I never reached that point. I was really, really curious and trying to figure it out.

Now I do puzzles in no time flat. I can do pretty tough ones now. I’m a master! Well, except for . . . I’ll figure the new one out before you come back. Ooooo, that squirrel . . . Bye!