Journey in New York 2019, Second Blog

Please see my guest blog at SCBWI WI for more information.

Charlene Avery at Golden Kite Gala NY SCBWI 2019

We’ve arrived at the Grand Hyatt (next to Grand Central Station) in New York City for SCBWI’s Golden Kite Awards. Are you wearing your golden high tops? Golden gown, top, vest, necklace, a tie or gold t-shirt? Welcome!

The stage has tables displaying the Golden Kite winning books and trophies, between beautiful bouquets of flowers. A few of us Midwest authors and illustrators take seats in the front row. Lin Oliver introduces Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Justice Sotomayor captivates us with many topics, while using no notes. She’s presented a gift by illustrator John Parra. He illustrated her words for the children’s book We Are The Change.

Introductions are made for each Golden Kite Award winning person and book. There is much variety but every book contains part of the author and illustrator. Each book required many drafts, research, passion, skill, more research, plus the heart and soul of the contributors.

Hey look, it’s Meg Medina. She’s introducing Angela Dominguez who wrote Golden Kite winning Stella Diaz Has Something to Say. Thank you Meg for gracing Wisconsin’s SCBWI Fall Retreat in 2018. Congratulations again on your Newberry Award, and so many other well-deserved awards and honors.

Jessie Oliveros and her posse after winning the Golden Kite award for The Remember Balloons.

Jessie Oliveros and her Posse

Cheers to Brianna Capra from Wisconsin for showcasing her illustrations here! Bravery and much thought went into choosing what to display. A few others are also displaying here at the Illustrator Showcase at NY SCBWI 2019.

Illustrator’s Showcase

Ahhh, the autograph signing for Golden Kite Winners! There are lengthy lines as expected for Jane Yolen, also for Jessie Oliveros and others. I wonder . . . is there a line or not for the next author? What’s different and why was it difficult to distinguish? Ahhh, Justice Sotomayor is there with the seated author. The oddly shaped line is comprised of the U.S. Marshals doing their job and having space around them. The seated author needs a few moments before she resumes, no problem! Whew, what an experience. Thank you U.S. Marshals for doing your jobs well!

Tonight we frequently heard about perspective and planning, perspiration and research, perseverance and teamwork. I’m still synthesizing all the information. Thanks for joining me, there will be at least two more blogs regarding the sessions I attended at NY SCBWI 2019. Good luck with your journey!